ISIDORE ISOU (1925-2007)

The poet, film-maker and artist Isidore Isou (1925-2007) founded the avant-garde movement called "lettrisme" which is often cited as the missing link between dada, surrealism and situationism and a key influence on the revolutionary ideology of May ‘68. The biography of Isou connects the jewish experience of the shoa in eastern europe, a radical gesture of avantgarde and revolution and a messianic mission to create a new world to live in. Andrew Hussey wrote a biography about Isidore Isou, titled "Speaking East - The Strange and Enchanted Life of Isidore Isou". The interview was conducted before a presentation of Andrew Hussey in the ACC Galerie Weimar.

Download (mp3; 33 MB; 14:33 min; Juni 2023)

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